We are Jean and Travis

We are Photographers located in Detroit, Michigan. We want to teach you everything we know on how to build a successful photography business.



The shoot

The shoot

We’ll take you through our process of location scouting, styling the client, finding or creating light, posing, and how to get the aesthetic look of our images.

The edit

The edit

Next we’ll take you through our complete workflow. From taking the images from the camera, to the software and editing process, and finally delivery to the client.

The chedda

The chedda

We’ve got kids, a dog, a mortgage, and we LOVE to travel. So…we want to show you how we’ve been able to make photography pay the bills and fund our crazy lifestyle.

How about Some Fun Facts about Travis and Jean?

Converse Shoes
Cadbury Eggs Eaten
Male Offspring
VW Buses :(

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

— Scott Adams —

This is Us

We might be a little quirky but we almost always smell really pleasant.


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The She

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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

— Tony Robinns —

Our Workshops

The He Said She Said Workshops have been delicately seasoned and prepared for your enjoyment and will satiate even the most particular palate.


Feast your eyes below!

The Main Workshop


You’ll be spending a full day with us discussing our individual styles of photography along with EVERYTHING we do to create our images. We’ll explore creativity and help you discover ways you can create a stunning and unique image in any location. We’ll take you through our entire process from initial client contact to final delivery. And of course, throughout the day we’ll make ample time to answer any questions you may have.

Topics from the workshop include:

– Using your equipment with a purpose to define your style
– Using your location to create stunning images
– Vision, style, and inspiration
– Working on a budget
– Posing and working with your subject
– Getting an emotional connection in your photos
– Learn how to use light and shadows in all natural light situations
– Off camera flash
– Workflow and post processing
– Time management
– Marketing, branding and pricing
– Live shoots


Michigan (Detroit Metro Area) – November 14, 2015


The price of the He Said She Said Workshop is $850 for one attendee OR $1,500 for two. We also offer a $250 deposit option, with the balance due 30 days prior to the workshop. Registrations for each workshop will be accepted as long as seats remain available.

Workshop manual, lunch, and dinner are included in the price, and of course we’ll have some delicious swag for all attendees as well.

The Lighting Workshop Series


In this lighting workshop series, you’ll join Jean and Travis for live webinar style workshops (workshops are online and also downloadable). We’ll show you how to take control of your lighting situation and harness the power of off camera flash. With our four easy steps, anyone can learn how to manipulate light to fit their individual style. You’ll learn how to keep the look natural, or create a dramatic look.

By putting together a very small kit, you’ll never again have to settle for mediocre light. You won’t have to sacrifice the backgrounds or environments you truly want due to the direction or quality of light. Best of all, we’ll discuss how to do it on a very tight budget. Lighting doesn’t have to cost thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars.

This workshop is broken into two tracks, Core and Core + 3 Genres.


– Lighting Basics
– Advanced Scenarios
– Multiple lights

Core + 3 Genres:

In addition to the Core classes, you’ll select 3 genre specific classes. In each of these classes we’ll dig deeper into the nuances that exist, how the kit differs for each, and how we approach the shoots. The genre’s from which you can select your three are

– Wedding
– Newborn
– High School Seniors
– Child and Family
– Commercial/Editorial
– Headshots

In addition, one to two weeks after each class, we’ll be holding a follow-up class to discuss successes (and struggles) and help trouble-shoot any issues you may have encountered.


These classes are taught live in a webinar style format; however, each registrant will be given download links, so in the case that they are not able to attend the live class, they’ll be able to watch at their leisure.

Core Classes:
The Basics – July 9, 2015
The Basics (Follow-up) – July 16, 2015
Advanced Scenarios – July 30, 2015
Advanced Scenarios (Follow-up) – August 6, 2015
Multiple Lights – August 20, 2015
Multiple Lights (Follow-up) – August 27, 2015

Genre Specific Classes:
(Including Child/Family, Newborn, Wedding, High School Senior, Commercial/Editorial, Headshots)
Classes begin September 15, 2015


The price of the Lighting Workshop Series is $250 for the Core classes, and $400 for the Core + 3 Genres. Price includes registration to the workshop classes and digital download of the course and materials.

Ready to book your seat?

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On top of everything else, we have an incredible group of sponsors who are gonna hook you up with some amazing swag!

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What our Attendees say

  • Thank you Travis and Jean Smith! Your workshops have inspired me, given me priceless knowledge and amazing friendships. But mostly you’ve given me confidence to do things with photography that I would have never had the courage to do. Best money ever spent!

    — Jennie Cannon —
  • I’ve been to about a dozen different types of workshops and can honestly say there hasn’t been one to even come close to the HSSS workshop. Travis and Jean were incredibly patient, knowledgable, honest and so REAL! I’ts probably the best photography investment you could ever make.

    — Tiffany Eberline —
  • Travis and Jean were patient, experienced, fun, and 100% open with their knowledge. I learned and I laughed. But the learning and the laughing didn’t stop at the end of the workshop, as they have designed a continuous learning community through a private Facebook site where the support from the Smiths and the workshop members has been amazing. It’s the workshop that keeps on giving…HIGHLY recommended!

    — Colleen Parker —
  • The workshop simplified everything for me. I was over thinking off camera flash, along with other things. Travis and Jean made it so clear. Travis and Jean are so open and share everything. So many great tips from the beginning to end. I also loved all of the recommendations on vendors, outsourcing, actions, etc. Starting out with this workshop was a huge benefit for me.

    — Laura Finley —
  • I am just so so thankful for this workshop that I was so lucky to be a part of. It has renewed my love for this craft and has inspired me to get working at it again.

    — Christine O'Connell —




Travis and Jean Smith, PO Box 449, New Hudson, MI 48165, United States


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